Composite Shutters.

Composite shutters look like real wood shutters, but thanks to the synthetic materials they’re made from, they are able to stand up to high humidity areas and effectively resist fading and cracking. Because of their durability, composite wood shutters work well in steamy bathrooms and hot kitchens and are excellent window coverings for rooms that receive a great deal of sun exposure.

Discover the many benefits of composite window shutters:
Composite shutters offer an easy way to control light and privacy and can be customized with a variety of options to ensure you get the perfect combination of form and function.
They are an affordable alternative to real wood shutters and ideal for homes in high-moisture climates.

Low maintenance and easy to clean with just mild soap and water, making them the perfect solution to high-traffic areas.

They come in three popular colors and 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” louver sizes.

Available in five frame styles to work with a wide variety of unique window shapes and sizes, including popular arched shaped windows and French doors.

Their clean lines offer a timeless simplicity to any room, while their insulating design helps to lower your energy bills.
When closed, composite shutters block the sun’s harmful UV rays, and the synthetic materials resist peeling and cracking.
Bypass track styles are best used for patio and closet doors, as they stack neatly behind one another.

Shutters are designed without cords, making them safe options for homes with children and pets. They can even be motorized for added convenience!

Eco Blinds and Shutters line of composite window shutters offer long-lasting strength and excellent structural integrity. Constructed from unique materials that are inherently termite, rot, and moisture resistant, they offer many years of maintenance-free beauty. Schedule a free in-home consultation to learn more about these durable window coverings.

Real Wood shutters.

Make a statement with eco-friendly real wood window shutters:
Our real wood shutters are made using sustainable-yield forest management techniques.
Their insulating design helps lower energy bills year round.
They provide an excellent solution for light and privacy control.
Three popular louver sizes, 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” – which are all fashionably contoured to optimize your view.
Available in a variety of stains and finishes, and can also be custom color-matched.

Bi-fold track styles are ideal for large windows and sliding glass doors, as they are hinged in the middle and fold accordion-style.
Bypass styles are the perfect choice for patio or closet doors, as the panels slide on a track and stack neatly behind one another.
Cafe panels are great for bedrooms and bathrooms because they protect your privacy while letting natural light in.

Wooden shutters can also be customized to fit any unique window shape from arched to round styles, and is a perfect window covering solution for French doors.

Shutters are easy to operate and designed without cords, making them safe options for homes with children and pets. For added convenience, they can even be motorized!

Call Eco Blinds and Shutters today to schedule your free in-home consultation to learn more about these eco-friendly window coverings.